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Whether you're a hardcore audiophile, looking for the best in new technology, or you're just a lover of good, clean sound when you're watching your favorite shows or movies, here at Home Theatre Concepts we have exactly what you need! Brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Sonos, Integra, and Sony are just a few of the many that we are partnered up with. We have everything from speakers, to headphones, to turntables and so much more! Click any of the links below to learn more about how we work, and what we have to offer. Don't forget to contact us right away to set up your free in-home consultation or a private demo right here in our beautiful showroom!

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If you're looking for speakers, you're definitely in the right spot! Here at Home Theatre Concepts, we are partnered with some amazing brands! Whether you need bookshelf speakers, surround sound, in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, or you want to fill your home with the sound quality found inside Abbey Road Studios, we have a speaker that will prickle all of your senses. The good news doesn't stop there, though! We will even come and install your speakers with all of the best wiring and components, calibrate the sound, and set them up in the room of your choice in a way that facilitates your ears receiving the clearest, most perfect sound you've ever experienced! Click here to book a free private demo or an in-home consultation!

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One of the most important choices that you are going to make when designing or upgrading your home audio/theatre setup is which receiver is going to help bring it all together. With so many options and tech specs to consider, purchasing a new receiver can quickly become a daunting task. Luckily for you, our experts here at Home Theatre Concepts is ready to help you determine what you need, and eliminate models that don't meet those needs. Not only that, but we will come and install it for you, as well as make sure everything is working perfectly and sounding crystal clear! Click here to book a free private demo or an in-home consultation!

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An amplifier is a powerful piece of equipment that  takes a small signal, and amplifies it then outputs it to speakers. Why is this necessary? Well, without an amplified signal, you won't get enough power to make your speakers work. You'll need more than an amplifier to make your setup work though. You're going to need a preamp/processor, the amplifier itself, and most importantly you need speakers. Home Theatre Concepts is here to help make the selection process easy for you! Once you've decided on which amplifier and components you need/want, our expert install team will come right to your door, install everything, and make sure it is all working correctly! Click here to book a free private demo or an in-home consultation!

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Nowadays, when walking out the door, it's not just the usual wallet, phone, keys that you're making sure you have. Headphones have become a modern day staple. Whether you're using them at work to create a calm environment, or on a jog to keep yourself motivated, or on an airplane to cancel out the noise of the unruly toddler three rows back, headphones are a small but important item in the average person's every day life. Our styles range from earbuds to soft, cushy over-ear headphones. Even better? We are partnered with powerful audio brands such as Bowers & Wilkins and Sony whose prices are comparable to those of a certain fruit-named competitor. With a few different models in store, it's easy to come in and see what fit and sound you prefer! Click here to book a free private demo!

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Did you know that in 2021, one out of every three albums sold in the United States were vinyl LPs? That's a grand total of 41.72 million vinyl albums sold. For you math nerds, that means a 51.4% increase from 2020, which saw 27.55 million sold. For all of you muisc nerds and audiophiles, that means one thing: Vinyl is officially making a comeback. So, when you break out and dust off those vintage albums, bring the nostalgia back full-force by using a turntable of the highest quality! This ensures that you will have top-notch sound quality, a beautiful and durable design, and less damage and impact on your precious collector's items! Are you new to vinyl? Don't worry! Our experts are here to help set you up for your newest hobby! Contact us today and we will get you in here to demo the latest and greatest in turntable technology! Click here to book a free private demo!

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While full-range speakers handle higher frequencies perfectly well, that is not the case when it comes to lower frequencies. A subwoofer is dedicated to delivering every bass note, including even the lowest octaves. That said, in order for you to enjoy a high-quality listening experience, your subwoofer needs tuned to be sure that it blends seamlessly with the full-range speakers. If that sounds complicated, don't worry! Let our home theatre and audio experts guide you through the purchasing process, and come and install the whole system for you! They'll get it perfectly tuned, and you'll be kicked back, relaxing to the sweet sounds of your favorite media in no time! Click here to book a free private demo or in-home consultation!

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Soundbars were essentially invented to solve one problem consumers had: choosing between poor audio quality from their TV and a costly surround sound system. Soundbar components produce better sound quality than built-in speakers, and even some external ones! They're also less expensive and easier to install than a full surround sound system. A soundbar is an excellent way to drastically improve the sound in your home theatre or media room without a lot of work. Along with giving listeners a full surround sound experience, the small audio components are easier to connect to other devices. If you're thinking a soundbar might be just the solution you need, reach out to us and set up a time to come and listen to several models and brands for yourself! As always, our experts are ready to help you choose, and get it installed so that all you have to do is quite literally sit back and listen!  Click here to book a free private demo or in-home consultation!

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Portable speakers, aka "pill speakers" or "bluetooth speakers" are becoming increasingly popular because of one thing: their portability. Maybe you don't want to isolate yourself with headphones, but want to take your music with you? Maybe you want to share your sounds with your co-workers? No matter what your reasoning, these speakers are incredibly handy! Don't let their size fool you though. These little speakers pack a lot of punch! We are partnered with a number brands that offer all shapes and sizes. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and we will set you up with a time to come in and see which one would make the most impact in your day-to-day life!  Click here to book a free private demo!

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