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With audio, especially for multi-channel systems, special attention needs to be given in order for the sound system to really perform to its potential. The simplest parameter is each speaker's relative volume, but there are other important factors such as crossover point and placement. It is incredibly important to keep in mind that some equipment provides for greater adjustment and placement capability than others. Getting the most out of a great sounding system is far more than opening boxes, placing equipment, and connecting the wires. Let our experts sit down with you and go over the many ways that we can vastly improve the sound quality you are currently getting from your equipment! We are more than happy to schedule a free in-home consultation!

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With video, there are standards for what the picture from a TV is supposed to look like. Manufacturers do not tend to follow that standard. Why? Because compared to a TV that has been adjusted to "catch your eye" in big box store lighting condtions which are nothing like the lighting in most homes, a properly adjusted TV may not be perceived as being bright or vivid. In many cases, when the flashy big box store sets are adjusted to produce accurate color, they are simply not capable of producing as much light as the other TVs that seemed to not look "as good" at first glance. We proudly sell TVs that are able to be properly adjusted to reproduce accurate life-like images. We also have the proper and necessary equipment and expertise to do so. Nearly every repeat TV customer we have has us calibrate their new TV. It absolutely makes a difference. If you find that hard to believe, schedule a free private showroom demo and let us prove it to you!

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