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MantleMount is an incredibly innovative mounting system that not only offers tilt and swivel, but also allows the user to easily pull the TV down off the wall and put it right at eye-level in front of a fireplace. Placing a TV above a fireplace means that the image you are trying to watch is well above eye-level. Keeping your neck in an unnatural position for extended periods of time is going to cause neck pain, but worse, doing so day after day after day is going to have lasting effects, like chronic headaches. MantleMount is an excellent way to avoid that altogether. This mount is incredibly sturdy. It will hold TV's from 20-125 pounds and 44"-100". Other exclusive features include heat-sensing handles, paintable covers, soundbar adapter, adjustable stops, auto-straightening, and more!

We are proud to have one on display in our beautiful showroom, and we would love to take the time to show you how it works, what it can do, and allow you to decide if it is something you'd like to add to your home entertainment system! If you'd like to learn more, click "Book Now" to book your free private demo, or to schedule your own in-home consultation!

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