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Did you know that in 2021, one out of every three albums sold in the United States were vinyl LPs? That's a grand total of 41.72 million vinyl albums sold. For you math nerds, that means a 51.4% increase from 2020, which saw 27.55 million sold. For all of you music nerds and audiophiles, that means one thing: Vinyl is officially making a comeback. So, when you break out and dust off those vintage albums, bring the nostalgia back full force by using a turntable of the highest quality. This ensures that you will have top-notch sound quality, a beautiful and durable design, and less damage and impact on your precious collector's items! Are you new to vinyl? Don't worry! Our experts are here to help set you up for your newest hobby. Contact us today and we will get you in here to demo the latest and greatest in turntable technology!


Click here to book a free private demo or an in-home consultation!

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