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Dragonfly Screens - Less Money, More Quality?

Why would you spend more on something that isn't as good? This article explains why we think there's a limit to what you should be spending on a projector screen. You don't want to cheap out, but draining your savings is a little extreme and highly unnecessary.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’ve probably never heard of Dragonfly Screens. A lesser-known brand when pitted against competitors like Stewart or Vutec, you might be surprised that Dragonfly screens are equal in quality while being lesser in price. This article is going to offer a few reasons why we here at Home Theatre Concepts almost always recommend Dragonfly to our clients.

As discussed in our last post “A Buyer’s Guide to Projector Screens”, once you’ve landed on a projector, choosing a screen is incredibly important if you want to get the best image from your projector. Our motto is usually something along the lines of “you get what you pay for”, and that’s no exception when it comes to projector screens. That said, we also think there is a reasonable limit to what you need to spend on a screen to get excellent quality. This reason, along with the craftsmanship of their screens, is why we love Dragonfly.

These screens are exceptionally well-built. They are sturdy, and the number of control options that come standard on them is nearly unheard of, even with more expensive brands. The high-contrast screen material they use at Dragonfly is on par in terms of the surface makeup and performance with that of other screens. Many high contrast or negative gain screens have a shimmer to them and often exhibit poor image uniformity, but that is not the case with Dragonfly.

In terms of image quality, Dragonfly screens offer a crisp, bright image that is comparable to screens that are far more costly. Honestly, we tend to wonder why anyone would pay more when these screens offer everything and sometimes more than their more expensive competitors.

Every screen we have on display in our beautiful showroom comes from Dragonfly. If you want to see the quality for yourself, book a private demo with one of our in-house experts. We’ll gladly show you why sometimes less is more!

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