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The backbone to any home distributed electronics systems of anything more than the smallest scale is structured wiring. What is that? Structured wiring is an architecture of connectivity to all of the components in your system that do not connect wirelessly. By having a good structured wiring system in place, you enable the installation of a more robust Wi-Fi system, reduce the load on your Wi-Fi system, and give added speed and reliability of hardline connectivity for stationary devices. Of course, another thing that is important to consider is the opportunity for modernization.

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The best method for this type of solution is to run conduit, design and construct chases, and leave "strings" between future desired equipment locations. This makes it easier, and more fun to upgrade a system in the future! It also can ensure that you can upgrade to the latest technology for a fraction of the normal installation cost. For retro installations where there is existing infrastructure, we have specialized tools to run the necessary cables and hardware efficiently. 

These include rods, chains, magnets, mice (not the animals), cameras, specialized drills, etc.

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