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High-quality video can quickly and easily transform any room into a high-tech entertainment space, whether it's by setting the mood with a lovely beach scene, getting loud with the boys on game night, or taking the kids to the movie theatre without actually leaving your home! Here at Home Theatre Concepts, we have everything you need to get the video quality you want and deserve. From top of the line products to expert calibration and installation, we are ready and able to help you transform your room into the entertainment area of your dreams! Click on any of the links below to learn more about the products and services we offer! You can even book a free in-home consultation or a private showroom demo with one click!

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4K, 8K, 1080P, HD, HDMI......TV's today come with their own vocabulary, and while there are some of us out here that live for the tech specs, most people just want to know what all of those things mean in terms of "how it looks" or "how it sounds". At Home Theatre Concepts, our tech nerds will be thrilled to explain to you what every letter and number represents, what it means for your picture and audio quality,  and even advise you as to which TV would best suit your needs and desires. The cherry on top is knowing that we can also provide our expert calibration and installation services so that you don't even have to lift a finger! We make entertainment easy! Click here to book a free private demo or an in-home consultation!

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A good TV or projector is a lot more fun if you have all of the best accessories! By now, we all know how much picture quality improves when switching from a standard DVD to a BluRay disc. Imagine how much better a BluRay disc will look on a perfectly calibrated screen that is made to show you images in the highest of definition! With the help of our experts, you've picked the perfect screen, now it's time to accessorize. Whether it's Star Wars or Encanto, you can be sure that anyone watching will be amazed at the clarity a BluRay player can offer. As always, we are happy to install it with your new TV! Click here to book a free private demo!

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Nowadays, it's very normal to not have a cable or satellite package. With the invention of services like Netflix or Hulu watching TV became a very personalized experience. Streaming boxes, like the Roku or Apple TV have made streaming from multiple services easier than ever. Some streaming boxes even come equipped with a built-in live TV mode! If you prefer to use streaming services over traditional cable services, then let our experts show you which streaming box will best meet your needs while offering the best video performance for your selected method of video. These handy little things can connect to TVs or projectors! Whether you already own the streaming box, or you purchase a new one to go with your new TV, our installation team will make sure it is connected and ready to go! Click here to book a free private demo or an in-home consultation!

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